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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Park City, UT - 1991

Agricultural Pollution of Surface Water and Groundwater in Forest Nurseries
Thomas D. Landis, Sally Campbell, and Fred Zensen
Results of the National Survey of Pesticides in Drinking Water Wells
Randy Lee Brown
Implementation of the National Pesticide Survey, and Recommendations for Conducting Future Occurrence Surveys
David J. Munch
Use of Runoff and Leaching Analysis in Human Health Risk Assessment for USDA Forest Service Nurseries
Robin C. Weiss
Managing Pesticide and Fertilizer Leaching and Runoff in a Container Nursery
R. Kasten Dumroese, Deborah S. Page-Dumroese, and David L. Wenny
Developing a Nitrogen Balance Sheet for a Container Nursery
R. Kasten Dumroese and David L. Wenny
Managing Fertilizer and Pesticide Leaching and Runoff in Bareroot Nurseries
Kevin R. O'Hara
Operational Solutions to Water Management Problems in Ornamental Nurseries
F. D. McElroy
Socio-Political Factors and Nursery Management
John R. Scholtes
Selection, Production, and Use of Riparian Plant Materials for the Western United States
Jack R. Carlson
The Strawberry Valley Project: A History and Initial Experiences
Barbara Garcia and Richard L. Williams
Field key to Salix of Utah Based on Vegetative Features
Sherel Goodrich
Seed Technology for Carex and Juncus Species of the Intermountain Region
Emerenciana G. Hurd and Nancy L. Shaw
Vegetative Propagation of Poplar and Willow
Greg Morgenson
Propagation of Riparian Species in Southern California
J. Michael Evans
A Technique for Producing Riparian Plants for Nevada
Dan Greytak
Update on National Tree Planting Programs
Robert D. Mangold
Xylem Cavitation: An Indication of Moisture Stress in Newly Planted Western Hemlock Seedling
Kathleen L. Kavanagh
Sanitation Methods and Monitoring Progress Reduce Disease in British Columbia Container Nurseries
Gwen Shrimpton
Short Day Treatment of Conifer Seedlings in British Columbia Forest Nurseries
Eric van Steenis
Integration of Somatic Embryogenesis into Operational Forestry: Comparison of Interior Spruce Emblings and Seedlings during Production of 1+0 Stock
S. C. Grossnickle, D. R. Roberts, J. E. Major, R. S. Folk, F. B. Webster, and B. C. S. Sutton
Producing Containerized Oak Seedlings
Laurie Lippitt
Propagating California Native Oaks in Bareroot Nurseries
Bill Krelle and Doug McCreary
Rooting of Juniper in Outdoor Nursery Beds
A. M. Wagner, J. T. Harrington, J. G. Mexal, and J. T. Fisher
Moisture Stress Acclimation Reduces Sensitivity of Containerized Eldarica Pine to Harsh Handling
John T. Harrington, James T. Fisher, and John G. Mexal
The Acorn Seeder, and Project Status at the Missoula Technology and Development Center
Ben Lowman, Richard Hallman, Gary Dinkel, and Roy Kangas
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