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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Kearney, NE - 1995

Sporotrichosis-An Occupational Mycosis
Arvind A. Padhye
Current Developments in the Prevention and Treatment of Repetitive Motion Injuries of the Upper Extremity
D. Mowry
Basamid® Granular Soil Fumigant: Pre-Plant Soil Fumigation Update
W. Pennington
Alternatives to Chemical Fumigation Technology Development Project: Preliminary Results
Diane M. Hildebrand,Jeffrey K. Stone , Robert L. James, Susan J. Frankel, Jill D. Pokorny, Joseph G. O'Brien , and Michelle M. Cram
Basic Marketing Concepts for Forest and Conservation Nurseries
B. J. Hill
Adventures In Marketing: California Department of Forestry and Fire
Laurie Lippitt
Benefits and Techniques for Evaluating Outplanting Success
Robert W. Neumann and Thomas D. Landis
The Basic Biology of Juniperus Seed Production
Gary Johnson
Propagation of Juniperus: Challenges to Propagation and Opportunities for Improvement
Scott A. Lee, Bert M. Cregg, and Clark Fleege
Rocky Mountain Juniper Production at the Colorado State Forest Service
Randy D. Moench
Pregermination Treatment of Eastern Redcedar Seed
William L. Loucks
Growing Conservation Seedlings by the Square Foot: Making it Pay
David L. Wenny
History of Bessey Nursery
Clark Fleege
Nursery and Reforestation Programs at the Missoula Technology and Development Center
Dick Karsky and Ben Lowman
Machine Vision Development and Use in Seedling Quality Monitoring Inspection
David B. Davis and John R. Scholtes
Herbicide Program at the PFRA Shelterbelt Centre
W.R. Schroeder and L.K. Alspach
Fertilization Practices and Application Procedures at Weyerhaeuser
Mark E. Triebwasser and Steve L. Altsuler
Nursery Waste Water: The Problem and Possible Remedies
R. Kasten Dumroese , David L. Wenny and Deborah S. Page-Dumroese
Late-Season Nitrogen Fertilization: Application in Southern Nurseries
Kris M. Irwin
Lessons Learned From the USDA Forest Service Reforestation Improvement Program
Richard W. Tinus
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