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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in New England, CT - 1996

USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station and Alaska Region Cooperative Russian Far East Forestry Program
Andrew Youngblood, Peyton Owston, Cynthia Miner, Anne Jeffery, Gary Morrison, and Ron Overton
Prospective Uses of Planting Stock in the Northeast
David M. Smith
Rooting for Environmental Education at the Forest Resource Education Center-Green Side Up!
John Benton
Current Issues and the Future of Seed Certification of Trees, Shrubs and Native Plants
Victor Vankus
The Use of Organic Biostimulants to Reduce Fertilizer Use, Increase Stress Resistance, and Promote Growth
Graeme P. Berlyn and Saroj Sivaramakrishnan
The Development of Mixed Species Plantations as Successional Analogues to Natural Forest
P. Mark S. Ashton and Mark J. Ducey
Influence of Initial Seedling Size and Browse Protection on Height Growth: 5-Year Results
Jeffrey S. Ward
Nurseries and Their Role In The Effort To Maintain Biological Diversity
Stewart Pequignot
BuRIZE™ NTC - Nursery and Turf VA Mycorrhizal Soil and Root Inoculant
John Olivas
Status on Commercial Development of Burkholderia cepacia for Biological Control of Fungal Pathogens and Growth Enhancement of Conifer Seedlings for a Global Market
M. S. Reddy
Field Validation of Laboratory Seedling Testing Results
Yasuomi Tanaka, Byron Carrier, Rod Meade and Steve Duke
Use of Vector Diagrams for the Interpretation of Nutrient Response in Conifer Seedlings
Todd Birchler, Diane L. Haase and Robin Rose
Manual for the Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants
Caryn E. Chachulski, Robin Rose and Diane L. Haase
Managing Organic Matter in Forest Nurseries
Robin Rose and Diane L. Haase
Producing Blue Oak Seedlings: Comparing Mini-Plug Transplants to Standard Bareroot and Container Stock
Doug McCreary and Laurie Lippitt
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JB Jordin
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