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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Vernon, CAN - 1988

Opening Remarks
Ackhurst, Peter
Dormancy and Vigour of Tree Seeds
Leadem, C.L.
Province of British Columbia Ministry of Forests Seed Centre
Bowden-Green, R.
Macro and Micronutrient Programmes in B.C. Bareroot Nurseries
Maxwell, John W.
Nursery Practices, Seedling Sizes, and Field Performance
Stein, William I.
Effect of Paclobutrazol on Conifer Seedling Morphology and Field Performance
Rietveld, W.
Fixing the Edsel – Can Bareroot Stock Quality Be Improved?
Simpson, David G.
Effect of Controlled-Release Fertilizers on Formation of Mycorrhizae and Growth of Container-Grown Engelmann Spruce
Hunt, Gary A.
Growth of Chemically Root-Pruned Seedlings in the Greenhouse and the Field
Wenny, David L.
Effect of Nursery Culture on Morphological and Physiological Development of Western Hemlock Seedlings
Arnott, J.T.; Dunsworth, B.G.; O’Reilly C.
Height Control of Interior Spruce by Means of Photoperiodic Induction
Hawkins, C.D.B; Draper, D.A.
Heating System, Germination Temperature and Post Germination Fertilizer Regime Effects on White Spruce Nursery Growth
Hawkins, C.D.B.; Draper, D.A.; Eng, R.Y.N.
Blackout and Post Planting Bud Phenology in SxS Spruce Seedlings
Hawkins, C.D.B.; Hooge, S.D.
Short Day Exposure to Induce Budset Prolongs Shoot Growth in the Following Year
Odlum, Kerry D.; Colombo, Stephen J.
Recommendations and Alternative Growing Media for Use in Containerized Nursery Production of Conifers: Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Media and Amendments
Scagel, R.K.; Davis, G.A.
The "Izing" of British Columbia Nurseries
Armit, I.D.M.
Managing Nursery Information in the 1980’s
Pelchat, Michael
Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Forest Nursery Workers
Wallersteiner, Ulrika
A Stock Quality Assessment Procedure for Characterizing Nursery-Grown Seedlings
Grossnickle, S.C.; Arnott, J.T.; Major, J.E.
Using Frost Hardiness as an Indicator of Seedling Condition
Faulconer, Jay R.
Monitoring Viability of Overwintering Container Stock in the Prairies – An Overview of a Five Year Lodgepole Pine Study
Dymock, Ian J.
Root Growth Potential as an Indicator of Outplanting Performance: Problems and Perspectives
Landis, Thomas D.; Skakel, Susan G.
Root Growth Potential: Facts, Myths, Value?
Binder, W.D.; Scagel, R.K.; Krumlik, G.J.
Root Growth Capacity Effects on Field Performance
Simpson, David G.; Vyse, Alan; Thompson, C.F
The Effects of Elevated Post-Storage Temperature on the Physiology and Survival of White Spruce Seedlings
Binder, W.D.; Fielder, P.
Variable Chlorophyll-a Fluorescence and its Potential Use in Tree Seedling Production and Forest Regeneration
Vidaver, W.; Toivonen, P.; Lister, G.; Brooke, R.; Binder, W.
Effect of the Timing of Cold Storage on Cold Hardiness and Root Growth Potential of Douglas-fir
Burr, Karen E.; Tinus, Richard W.
Basamid and Solar Heating Effective for Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes at Bessey Nursery, Nebraska
Hildebrand, Diane M.; Dinkel, Gary B.
Occurrence and Persistence of Fusarium within Styroblock and Ray Leach Containers
James, R.L.; Dumroese, R.K.; Wenny, D.L.
Styroblock Sanitization: Results of Laboratory Assays from Trials at Several Columbia Forest Nurseries
Sturrock, Rona N.; Dennis, John J.
Douglas-fir Seed Treatments: Effects on Seed Germination and Seedborne Organisms
Dumroese, R. Kasten; James, Robert L.; Wenny, David L.; Gilligan, Carma J.
Douglas-fir Dieback
Husted, Lynn D.
Update on the Environmental Impact Statement for Pest Management at the Federal Nurseries in the Pacific Northwest Region
Campbell, Sally J.
Greenhouse Transplants for Bareroot Stock Production
Klapprat, Robert A.
Production Aspects of Mini-Plug Transplants
Hee, Stephen M.; Stevens, Thomas S.; Walch, Douglas C.
Field Performance of Mini-Plug Transplants
Tanaka, Y.; Carrier, B.; Dobkowski, A.; Figueroa, P.; Meade, R.
Computer Vision for Grading Tree Seedlings
Rigney, Michael P.; Kranzler, Glenn A.
Effect of Nursery Treatment on Shoot Length Components of Western Hemlock Seedlings during the First Year of Field Establishment
O’Reilly, Conor.; Owens, John N.; Arnott, J.T.; Dunsworth, B.G.
Field Performance of Five Interior Spruce Stock Types with and without Ferilization at Time of Planting
Sutherland, Craig; Newsome, Teresa
Impact of Lift Date and Storage on Field Performance for Douglas-fir and Western Hemlock
Dunsworth, B.G.
Auger Hole Shape, Size, and Tree Placement Affect Survival and Root Form of Planted Ponderosa Pine in South Central Idaho
Sloan, John
Field Measurement of Photosynthetically Active Radiation
Draper, D.A.; Spittlehouse, D.L.; Binder, W.D.; Letchford, T.
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