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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in St. Louis, MO - 1993

Nitrate Non-point Pollution Potential in Midwestern Bareroot Nurseries
Schultz, Richard C.; Thompson, Janette R.; Ovrom, Paul; Rodrigues, Charles A.
Soil Management Plan for the G.O. White State Forest Nursery
Meinert, Dennis; Viele, Duane; Knoernschild, Tim; Moore, Michael
Soil Compaction: Causes, Effects, Management in Bareroot Nurseries
Allmaras, R.R.; Juzwik, J.; Overton, R.P.; Copeland, S.M.
1993 Missoula Technology and Development Center Nursery and Reforestation Projects
Karsky, Richard J.
Bootheel Ag Water Quality and Precise Application Project
Holmes, Bill
An Overview of the Role of Organic Amendments in Forest Nurseries
Rose, Robin
Overview of Green Manures/Cover Crops
Power, J.F.
The Use of Green Overwinter Mulch in the Illinois State Nursery Program
Stauder, Albert F. III
Use of Wheat as a Living Mulch to Replace Hydromulch for Fall Sown Seedbeds
Wichman, Jim
Green Manure Effects on Soilborne Pathogens
Stone, Jeffrey K.; Hansen, Everett M.
Using Municipal Organic Wastes at Lincoln-Oakes Nurseries
Morgenson, Greg
Integrated Pest Management In Canadian Forest Nurseries: Current Perspectives and Future Opportunities
Meyer, T. R.; Irvine, M.; Harvey, E. M.; McDonough, T.
IPM Program for Ornamental Nurseries in Wisconsin
Delahaut, Karen
Soil Moisture and Fusarium Root Rot of White Pine Seedlings
Juzwik, Jennifer; Menes, Peter J.; Rugg, David J.
Alternative Technologies for Management of Soil-borne Diseases in Bareroot Forest Nurseries in the United States
James, R. L.; Hildebrand, D. M.; Frankel, S.J.; Cram, M. M.; O'Brien, J. G.
Interactions Between Seedbed Mulches and Seedling Disease Development
Barnard, E. L.; Fraedrich, S. W.; Gilly, S. P.
Nursery Grown Plants for Wetland Mitigation Projects
Glenn A. Beagle
P+1 Production of Colorado Blue Spruce at the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery
Moench, Randy D.
Using Geographic Information Systems in a Nursery
Westin, Stephen C.
Irrigating and Fertilizing To Grow Better Nursery Seedlings
Kormanik, Paul P.; Sung, Shi-jean S.; Kormanik, Taryn L.
Woody Plant Selection for Riparian Agroforestry Projects
Schoeneberger, Michele M.
Progress Report on Propagation of Juniperus for Conservation Planting
Wagner, A. M.; Mexal, J. G.; Harrington, J. T.; Fisher, J. T.
Timing of Collection and Seed Source Affects Rooting of White Fir Stem Cuttings
Wagner, A. M.; Harrington, J. T.; Fisher, J. T.
Tree Seedling Distribution Program - G. White State Forest Nursery
Biram, Dena
Announcement of the Steiner Group Black Locust Exclusive Release Using Tissue Culture Protocol Propagation
Soil Conservation Service
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