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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Oklahoma City, OK - 1987

Seedlings, Service, and Insights
Whitcomb, Carl E.
Communications as a Design Consideration in Developing a Computerized Nursery Management Environment
South, John R.
Applications of Portable Data Recorders In Nursery Management and Research
Rietveld, W. J. ;Ryker, Russell A.
Superabsorbent Hydrogels and Their Benefits in Forestry Applications
Erazo, Fernando
Organic Matter: Short-Term Benefits and Long-Term Opportunities
Mexal, John G. ; Fisher, James T.
The Trees Unlimited Program: An Experiment in Establishing Seedling Plantings
Oswald, Robert C.
The Potential of Soil Solarization in Nurseries to Control Soilborne Diseases
Conway, Kenneth E.
Seedling Production at Oklahoma Forestry Division Forest Regeneration Center
Fleege, Clark D.
Priming Treatments to Improve Pine Seed Vigor
Hallgren, S. W.
Effects of Nursery Density on Shortleaf Pine
Brissette, John C.; Carlson, William C.
Polymeric Nursery Bed Stabilization to Reduce Seed Losses in Forest Nurseries
Carlson, William C.; Anthony, John G.; Plyler, R.P.
Improving outplanting survival of stored southern pine seedlings by addition of Benomyl to the packing medium
Barnett, James P.; Brissette, John C.
Measuring tree seed moisture content now and in the future
Karrfalt, Robert P.
Forest Tree Nursery Herbicide Studies at the Oklahoma Forest Regeneration Center
Abrahamson, Lawrence P.
Use of Sulfur to Correct Soil pH
Bickelhaupt, Donald H.
Certified Vendor Program
Boggus, Thomas G.
Alternative Methods to Evaluate Root Growth Potential and Measure Root Growth
Rietveld, W.J.; Tinus, Richard W.
Comparison of Time and Method of Mist Chamber Measurement of Root Growth Potential
Burr, Karen E.; Tinus, Richard W.; Wallner, Stephen J.; King, Rudy M.
Effects of lift date, storage, and family on early survial and root growth potential of Shortleaf Pine.
Hallgren, S.W.; Tauer, C.G.
Fall Lifting: Its Effects on Dormancy Intensity of Ponderosa Pine Seedlings - A Preliminary Investigation
Omi, Steven K.; Schuch, Ursula K.
A Status Report on Nursery and Reforestation Projects at the Missoula Technology and Development Center
Lowman, Ben J.
Grading Pine Seedlings with Machine Vision
Kranzler, Glenn A.; Rigney, Michael P.
Mycorrhizae Nursery Management for Improved Seedling Quality and Field Performance
Cordell, Charles E.; Owen, Jeffrey H.; Marx, Donald H.
Integrated Pest Management in Forest Nurseries
Filer, T.H.; Cordell, C.E.
The USFS Reforestation Improvement Program
Rietveld, W.J.; Owston, Peyton W.; Miller, Richard G.
Government vs Private Nurseries: The Competition Issue
Landis, Thomas D.
Working Group Sessions on Communications and the Government/Private Nursery Issue
Atkinson, Kurtis L.
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