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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Fallen Leaf Lake, CA - 1992

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management: The Role of Forest and Conservation Nurseries
Thomas D. Landis, Laurie A. Lippitt, and J. Michael Evans
Using Diverse Plant Species to Maintain Forest Health
Donald Goheen and Susan Frankel
Revegetating Desert Plant Communities
David A. Bainbridge, NaDene Sorensen, and Ross A. Virginia
Assessing the Rehabilitation Potential of Disturbed Lands
Gail A. Newton
Enhancing Biodiversity With and Within Agroforestry Plantings
Michele M. Schoeneberger
Promoting Gene Conservation through Seed and Plant Procurement
Marylee Guinon
Genetic Considerations in Propagating Native Shrubs, Forbs, and Grasses from Seed
Susan E. Meyer and Stephen B. Monsen
Genetic Considerations in Propagating Diverse Tree Species
Jay H. Kitzmiller
Propagating Native and Introduced Plants for Hawaii
Jeanine Lum
Propagating Desert Plants
Carol Miller and Mark Holden
Propagation of Riparian and Wetland Plants
Helen Atthowe
Wood shrub propagation: A comprehensive approach
Terry L. Finnerty and Kathy M. Hutton
Early Lessons from Propagating Pacific Yew
David Steinfeld
Diversity of Species at Humboldt Nursery
Tony Ramirez
Vine Maple Propagation at Wind River Nursery
James M. McGrath
The Importance of Mycorrhizal Fungi and Other Beneficial Microorganisms in Biodiversity Projects
Ted St. John
Ecological Land Management: Its Implications for Reforestation and Nursery Operations
Stephen E. McDonald
The Roles of Soil Conservation Service Plant Materials Centers in Promoting Biodiversity
Wendell G. Hassell
Expanding Your Product Line with Diverse Species
Richard P. Regan
Government-assisted Planting Programs for Diverse Species
Debra J. Okholm
Principles and Potential for Biocontrol of Diseases in Forest and Conservation Nurseries
R.L. James, R.K. Dumroese, and D.L. Wenny
Controlling Root Pathogens with Mycorrhizal Fungi and Beneficial Bacteria
Robert G. Linderman and Marielle Hoefnagels
Cultural Alternatives for Control of Fusarium Oxysporum on Non-fumigated Soil at Magalia Nursery
William Krelle, David Adams, and Maria Williamson
Effective Control of a New Woolly White Fir Nursery Aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)
John D. Stein and Canine R. Trummer
Illinois - An Example of How Public Nurseries Can Help Meet the Need for Non-traditional Plant Materials
Pequignot, Stewart A.
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