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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Kona, HI - 2000

Slash x Honduras Caribbean Pine Hybrids: An Overview of Nursery Production Systems Southeast Queensland, Australia
Baxter, A.G.
Chemical Root Pruning of Conifer Seedlings in Mexico
Aldrete, Arnulfo; Mexal, John G.
Mycorrhizal Fungi and Trees— A Successful Reforestation Alternative for Mineland Reclamation
Cordell, C.E. ; Mans, L.F. ; Marx, D.H.
Fall vs. Spring Transplanting of Container Seedlings: A Comparison of Seedling Morphology
Steinfeld,David ; Davis, David; Feigner, Stevel; House, Karen
Nursery and Afforestation Practices in Inner Mongolia, China
Tinus, Richard W.
Nursery Practices in Western Canada
Van Steenis, Eric R.P.F.
Developing Microbial Inoculants for Native Hawaiian Trees
Wilkinson, Kim H.
Operational Rooted Cuttings in Southern Pines
Weber, Joe; Stelzer, Hank
Trends in Nursery Research and Production
Barnett, James P.
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