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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Ames, IA - 1999

Installing a Practical Research Project
Dumroese, R. Kasten; Wenny, David L.
Plant Materials for Riparian Revegetation
Hoag, J. Chris; Landis, Thomas D.
The Cascade Forestry Service Nursery
Westefer, Don
Strategic Plans for the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center
Michler, Charles H. ; Woeste, Keith E.
Using Soil Test Results to Determine Fertilizer Applications
Davey, C.B.
Towner State Nursery Weed Control Program
LaFramboise, Roy
Approach and Rationale to Developing an IPM Program:
Trotter, David
The Science and Application of Forest Carbon Projects
Moulton, Robert J.
Using Electrolyte Leakage Tests to Determine Lifting Windows and Detect Tissue Damage
Tinus, Richard W.
Rocky Mountain Juniper Study: Preliminary Results
Barbour, Jill
Fertilizer Application Equipment
Bartok, Jr. John W.
The IR-4 Program How It Can Benefit Nurseries
Frank, J. Ray
Global Positioning (GPS) Current Status and Possible Nursery Uses
Karsky, Dick
Root Production Method System
Lovelace, Wayne
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Weed Control Program
Rentz, Randy
The Minnesota Tree Improvement Cooperative
David, Andrew
Tree Planting Incentive Programs: How You Can Make These Programs Work For You
DePaul, Linda
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