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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Bemidji, MN - 1997

Timber Management on the Chippewa National Forest
B. Brittain
Overview of State Land Forest Management in Minnesota
Bob Pajala
Beltrami County Natural Resource Management
Mark Reed
Changes to Ontario
Thom McDonough
IRRRB Growth Chamber: Tree Seedlings Produced for Mineland
Daniel R. Jordan
Cold Hardiness Measurement to Time Fall Lifting
Richard W. Tinus, Karen E. Burr
Soil Tillage Practices and Root Disease Management
Jennifer Juzwik, R. R. Allmaras, and K. M. Gust
Incorporation of Surface-Applied Materials by Tillage Implements
D. L. Stenlund, J. Juzwik, R. R. Allamaras, and S. M. Copeland
Preliminary Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Damping-Off Disease in Container Grown Red Pine Seedlings
Jill D. Pokorny and Jana K. Rykhus
Improving Minnesota
Robert A. Stine
Breeding and Nursery Propagation of Cottonwood and Hybrid Poplars for
Don E. Riemenschneider
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