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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Gatlinburg, TN - 1996

Reforestation in Tennessee
Hart W. Applegate and Paul Ensminger
Nursery Soil Management-Organic Amendments
C. B. Davey
Survey of Southern Forest Nurseries: Fumigation Practices and Pest Management Concerns
Michelle M. Cram and Stephen W. Fraedrich
Testing Alternatives to Methyl Bromide Fumigation in Southern Forest Tree Nurseries
William A. Carey
Growing Bareroot Seedlings without Fumigation at the Bowater Nursery
Mike Williford
Development and Field Performance of Slash and Loblolly Pine Seedlings Produced in Fumigated Nursery Seedbeds and Seedbeds Amended with Organic Residues
E. L. Barnard, M. E. Kannwischer-Mitchell, D. J. Mitchell, and S. W. Fraedrich
Bottom-Land Hardwoods for Today
Randy Rentz
Problems of Hardwood Seed and Planting Hardwood Seed
Floyd Hickam
Seed Handling and Propagation of Hardwood Trees and Shrubs at Oklahoma Forestry Services
Gregory R. Huffman
Recent Developments in Seed Technology and Obstacles to be Overcome
Franklin T. Bonner
Role of State Nurseries in Southern Reforestation An Historical Perspective
Clark W. Lantz
Cultural Practices to Improve Survival and Growth of Loblolly and White Pine Seedlings
Tom Dierauf
Phosphate Mine Reclamation in Tennesse
E. J. Griffith and H. N. Lyles
Longleaf Pine Seed Quality: Can it be Improved?
James P. Barnett
Seedborne Diseases of Southern Pines and Developing Strategies for Their Control
Stephen Fraedrich
Containerized Seedling Longleaf Production
John McRae and Tom Starkey
Mycorrhizal Fungi-Beneficial Tools for Mineland Reclamation and Christmas Trees
Charles E. Cordell
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