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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Moscow, ID - 1994

The Effects of Keithia Blight on Outplanting Performance of Western Redcedar Container Seedlings at Two Reforestation Sites in British Columbia--Preliminary Results
David Trotter, Gwen Shrimpton and Harry Kope
Influence of Soil Fumigation and Fungicide Application on Outplanted Ponderosa Pine Seedlings
D.S. Page-Dumroese and A.E. Harvey
Developing Container Conifer Seedling Specifications... A Balanced Approach?
Eric van Steenis
Long-term Stock Type Trial Results in B.C.: Did Stock Performance Meet Today
Rob Bowden and R.G. Scagel
Container Optimization--Field Data Support Container Innovation
David A. Bainbridge
Nursery Growing Density and Container Volume Affect Nursery and Field Growth of Douglas-fir and Lodgepole Pine Seedlings
Simpson, D.G.
Summer Plant Culling Criteria of Interior Spruce: Keeping the Bad and Throwing the Good?
Erica L. McClaren, Marek J. Krasowski, and Christopher D.B. Hawkins
Effects of Contrasting Fertilizer Regimes on Greenhouse Growth and Outplant Performance of Containerized Jack Pine
G.S. Henderson, W. Smith, B. Nicks
Five Year Field Performance of Short Day Nursery Treated Engelmann Spruce Seedlings in the Nelson Forest Region of British Columbia
Tracy L. Story, Christopher F. Thompson, and Christopher D.B. Hawkins
Conserving Threatened Rare Plants: Some Nursery Strategies
John L. Edson, David L. Wenny, Annette Leege-Brusven, Richard L. Everett, and Douglass M. Henderson
Microcomputer Order Processing and Inventory Control
David L. Wenny and Linda Geer
Steam Sterilization of Growing Media
Bartok, J.W. Jr.
Use of Frost Fabric as a Seedbed Mulch and Frost Protection Method
Moench, R.D.
Nursery Regimes Affect Seedling Size and Outplanting Performance of 1+0 Ponderosa Pine
Sloan, J.
Machine Vision Inspection System for Packing House Quality Control
Michael P. Rigney and Glenn A. Kranzler
Selecting and Calibrating Low-volume Sprayers
Bartok, J.W. Jr.
Abscisic Acid Analogs Reduce Planting Stress in Newly Planted Seedlings
Steven C. Grossnickle and Raymund S. Folk
Sprinkler Irrigation Management and Scheduling for Diverse Container-Grown Plants
Richard Regan
Use of Container Stock in Mine Revegetation
Jane Rodgers
Protocols for Mass Micropropagation of Antelope and Desert Bitterbrush
Annette Leege-Brusven, John L. Edson, David L. Wenny and Min Hironaka
Impact of Aphid Damage in a Bareroot Nursery and Seed Source on Survival and Growth of Outplanted White Fir Seedlings in the Sierra Nevada
John D. Stein
The Operational Seedling Testing Program at Weyerhaeuser
Y. Tanaka, P. Brotherton, S. Hostetter, S. Dyce, D. Chapman, J. Belanger, B. Johnson and S. Duke
Can Foliage Water Content Measurements Replace Freezer Tests in Determining a Safe Lifting Time For Frozen Storage of Conifer Seedlings?
M.J. Krasowski , A. Caputa, and C.D.B. Hawkins
Short Day Nursery Treatment Promotes Photosynthesis in Interior Spruce Seedlings: Summary of Poster
C.D.B. Hawkins, R.Y.N. Eng and M.J. Krasowski
Grading Specifications of Ponderosa Pine Seedlings at Lucky Peak Nursery
Sloan, J.
Propagation of Juniperus for Conservation Planting
Bert Cregg, Scott Lee, Ted Hovland, Clark Fleege, and John Gleason
Cleaning Hardwood and Shrub Seed
Robert P. Karrfalt
Improving Conifer Seedling Quality with CONFER
D. Bradley Smith, Eric Lloyd and Greg O
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