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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Papers presented in Bismark, ND - 1989

Intermountain Nursery Association: An Historical Account of 30 Years' Progress - 1960-1989
Strachan, Marvin D.
Importance of Species and Seed Source Selection in Great Plains Nurseries
Cunningham, Richard A.
The Status and Future of USDA Forestry Research in the Great Plains
Rietveld, W. J.; McDonald, Stephen E.; Fudge, Charles W.; Hergenrader, Gary L.
Soil Fumigation in Bareroot Tree Nurseries
Landis, Thomas D.; Campbell, Sally J.
Effects of Fumigation on Soil Pathogens and Beneficial Microorganisms
James, R.L.
Soil Fumigation at J. Herbert Stone Nursery
Scholtes, John R.
Methyl Bromide Fumigation at the Lone Peak State Forest Nursery, Utah
Grierson, David G.
Dazomet Use for Seedbed Fumigation at the PFRA Shelterbelt Centre, Indian Head, Saskatchewan
Alspach, Lyle K.
Methyl Bromide Fumigation of Containers Filled with Growing Media
Garren, T.R.; Landis, T.D.; Campbell, S.J.
A Review of Soil Solar Heating in Western Forest Nurseries
Hildebrand, Diane M.
Soil Fumigation in Southern United States Forest Tree Nurseries
Cordell, C.E.
Use of VA Mycorrhizal Innoculum to Improve Growth of Forest Tree Seedlings in Fumigated Soil
Wood, Tim; Nance, Libby; Jedrzejek, Steve; Johnson, Greg;
Variable Seed Dormancy in Rocky Mountain Juniper
Rietveld, W.J.
Seed Set and Germination of Eldarica Pine Influenced by Cone Hierarchy
Harrington, John T.; Mexal, John G.; Fisher, James T.
Vegetative Propagation of 10-Year-Old Blue Spruce by Stem Cuttings
Wagner, Anne M.; Fisher, James T.; Fancher, Greg A.
Seedbed Mulching with Stabilized Sawdust
Scholtes, John R.; Landis, Thomas D.
Soil Management Practices at the Big Sioux Nursery
Martian, Blaine F.
Bacterial Inoculation of Lodgepole Pine, White Spruce, and Douglas-fir Grown in Containers
Chanway, C.P.; Radley, R.A.; Holl, F.B.
Operational Ectomycorrhizal Fungus Inoculations in Forest Tree Nurseries: 1989
Cordell, C.E.; Omdal, D.W.; Marx, D.H.
The Effects of Mineral Nutrition on Hardening-Off of Conifer Seedlings
Edwards, Ivor K.
Provenance Differences in Conifer Seedling Variable Chlorophyll Fluorescence Responses Detected Using the Integrating Fluorometer
Vidaver, W.; Toivonen, P.; Brooke, R.; Lister, G.; Binder, W.
Causes and Control of Overwintering Damage in Nursery Stock
Reid, James I. 1989.
White Spruce: The Effect of Long-Term Cold Storage Is Partly Dependent on Outplanting Soil Temperatures
Harper, G.; Camm, E. L.; Chanway, C.; Guy, R.
Evaluation of Lonicera Taxa for Honeysuckle Aphid Susceptibility, Winter Hardiness, and Plant Use
Herman, Dale E.; Chaput, Lawrence J.
Summary of Meetings and Contents of Proceedings of the Intermountain Forest Nursery Association: 1960-1989
Strachan, Marvin D.
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