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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Nurseries and Their Role In The Effort To Maintain Biological Diversity
Stewart Pequignot
1996: New England, CT
Biological diversity will be an important factor that influences future management of our nation's forest resources. A critical component for managing these forests for biological diversity is the production of plant materials by public and private nurseries. There are many threats to our biological resources which may be mitigated by plant production in nurseries. Native plants can be used to replace introduced species. Plants can be used as tools to produce healthy watersheds, create fertile soils, generate breeding grounds for animals, clean air and water and help produce a stable climate. Populations of endangered and/or threatened plant species can be restored. The benefits gained by utilizing nurseries for plant production include improved and increased habitat for other species dependent on plant diversity. The cooperation of natural resource managers and partners with nurseries will lead to the maintenance and improvement of our currently diminishing biological diversity.

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