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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

The Role of the Nursery in Developing a Sustainable Forest Regeneration Program for the Rio Condor Project in Tierra del Fuego, Chile
Richard Phillips, R. Moreno, and P. Ovalle
1997: Boise, ID
One of the cornerstones of a sustainable forestry program is a solid regeneration plan. Bayside Ltd. took the steps to ensure that forest regeneration is a high priority by establishing the Rio Condor Forest Nursery and Regeneration Program prior to any harvesting activities. In 1995, Bayside contracted with New Mexico State University’s Centro de Forestación de las Américas (CEFORA) to develop a nursery and reforestation research, training, and production program. CEFORA, an inter-disciplinary group of forest nursery and regeneration specialists, has been actively involved with training, technology transfer, technical services, and forest nursery and regeneration research in Latin America since 1991.
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