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Update On Copper Root Control
Mark A. Crawford
1997: Boise, ID
The benefit of using of copper salts in a latex carrier to control root development in containers has been well documented in the literature and has gained widespread use in forestry with the introduction of pretreated styrofoam growing trays in the early 1990’s. Using copper to control root growth in containers to eliminate root spiraling first began in forest seedling production in the 1960’s and has increased to where greater than 90% of lodgepole pine produced in British Columbia are grown in copper-treated containers. Horticultural researchers who were also looking for ways to eliminate root circling in container landscape trees became interested in this practice. Researchers at Ohio State University demonstrated the benefits of controlling roots in container-grown red oak (Quercus rubra) which caught the attention of Griffin Corporation, a major producer of copper fungicides. In 1994, Griffin introduced Spin OutŪ Root Growth Regulator to ornamental nurseries, the first EPA registered product for controlling plant root growth in containers.

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