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The Expanding Potential for Native Grass Seed Production in Western North America
T. A. Jones
1997: Boise, ID
Native grass seed production under cultivation has been practiced for many years but its extent
has been limited by 1) lack of plant material, 2) seed planting, harvesting, and conditioning problems,
and 3) inadequate markets. Numerous releases of native grasses (germplasm or cultivars) of many
species by the USDA-NRCS Plant Materials Centers and other programs are in commercial production
(Alderson and Sharp 1994). Specialized seed planting, harvesting, and conditioning (cleaning) equipment
is now commercially available, allowing for successful seed production of species with seeds that shatter
or are awned, chaffy, or fluffy. With the advent of policies and laws favoring the use of native seeds,
production is generally far below market demands. A more sophisticated marketing system would help
develop the native grass seed industry and enhance opportunities for both buyers and sellers.
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