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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Long-term Stock Type Trial Results in B.C.: Did Stock Performance Meet Today
Rob Bowden and R.G. Scagel
1994: Moscow, ID
Nursery growers are a part of the system responsible for establishing a free growing crop of trees on a site after harvesting. The seedlings produced, their size, and the condition in which they are delivered to the field can play a large part in the success of the plantation.

This paper briefly outlines the process and legal responsibilities that a forester must follow when preparing a prescription. An integral part of the prescription is the selection of a stock type. The impact of stock type selection on the success of a prescription will be examined using survival and growth results from a 1978 trial established by Forestry Canada near Prince George, British Columbia.

The authors express their thanks to Dr. R. McMinn for the initial trial installation, Marvin Grismer for seedling measurement and Linda Strodeur for assistance in the analysis and report preparation.
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