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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Incorporation of Surface-Applied Materials by Tillage Implements
D. L. Stenlund, J. Juzwik, R. R. Allamaras, and S. M. Copeland
1997: Bemidji, MN
Maximum depth and uniformity of incorporation of surface-applied materials by rotary tillers, a
spading machine, and a disc cultivator were compared in Wisconsin nursery (loamy sand soil) and
Michigan nursery (sandy loam soil) trials using ceramic sphere tracers (1 - 3 mm dia). The tracers or
beads were spread uniformly over the soil surface and different tillage implements were then
operated through these areas as they traveled the length of each study field. Results of these trials are
applicable to situations involving incorporation of such materials as granular fumigants or herbicides,
granular fertilizers, peat, and cover crop residues.
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