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IRRRB Growth Chamber: Tree Seedlings Produced for Mineland
Daniel R. Jordan
1997: Bemidji, MN
To successfully establish vegetation on the abandoned mined lands in northeastern Minnesota,
we need superior quality tree seedlings to ensure both higher survival rates and lower reclamation costs.
Therefore, the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board has built two growth chambers in
Chisholm, MN to produce the superior quality seedlings we need to carry out our mineland reclamation
program. Growth chambers allow total control over light, temperature, humidity and air quality thereby
allowing seedling production in the shortest period. Since the Mineland Reclamation Division began
producing our own seedlings in March 1982, over 2.8 million containerized seedlings of 49 different
species have been produced. The primary species grown for our program are Pinus banksiana (37%),
Pinus resinosa (19%), and Picea glauca (17%). We plant our seedlings for reforestation, erosion control,
aesthetic plantings, vegetative barriers, and wildlife habitats.
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