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Genetic Improvement of Southern Hardwoods--1994 Update
R. C. Kellison
1998: Vernon, British Columbia
Abstract--Hardwood tree improvement programs have been in progress since the late 1950's. Because of the low emphasis given to hardwood plantations during the ensuing years, however, only marginal genetic gain has been achieved with indigenous hardwoods. A number of exotic species, especially Eucalyptus spp. and Alnus glutinosa, have been extensively tested, but they almost completely failed under the extensive silviculture provided them.

Strong emphasis has recently been placed on the need for intensively managed hardwood plantations. To accomplish that objective, the genetics program for sweetgum and sycamore has been intensified. That involvement includes clone banking of genetic selections from open-pollinated progeny tests that were established from 1966 to 1981, and the creation of elite populations. The open- and controlpollinated progeny from these populations will be greenhouse and field tested as seedlings and as rooted cuttings. Advances in molecular genetics will allow genetic gains to be obtained from these populations in about half the time that would be required from a conventional tree improvement program.
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