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Impact of Lift Date and Storage on Field Performance for Douglas-fir and Western Hemlock
Dunsworth, B.G.
1988: Vernon, CAN
This study was established to assess the impact of changes in seedling morphology and physiology on outplant performance of western hemlock and Douglas-fir.

The six lift/store regimes in this experiment led to greater changes in seedling physiology than seedling morphology. The regimes created a wide range of dormancy intensities and frost hardiness for both species. Frost hardiness, as assessed by electrolyte leakage, was more closely related to dormancy intensity than was foliage browning. Storage regimes reduced the rate of dormancy release and maintained frost hardiness relative to no storage.

Field performance results from unwatered, raised beds indicate that early planting dates (Jan. 15) had the best relative volume growth. Storage maximized relative volume growth for both species for the March 15 and May 15 planting dates. Electrolyte leakage and dormancy intensity were the best predictors of volume growth.
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