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Effect of Nursery Treatment on Shoot Length Components of Western Hemlock Seedlings during the First Year of Field Establishment
O’Reilly, Conor.; Owens, John N.; Arnott, J.T.; Dunsworth, B.G.
1988: Vernon, CAN
The effects of nursery pretreatments, such as dormancy induction (photoperiod and moisture availability), two styroblock cavity sizes, and three dates of lifting and cold storage duration, on shoot length components were investigated in seedlings of western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg.) during their first year of growth on two sites on Vancouver Island, B.C. Seedlings pretreated to short days combined with moisture stress and those lifted in November had very short shoots. Seedlings pretreated to long days and those lifted in March had the longest shoots. Because most stem units were preformed during bud development in the nursery, differences in stem unit length had a larger impact on shoot length than differences in number of stem units. Lammas growth was most frequent in seedlings from the smaller cavities and in those from November and March lifts.
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