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Bareroot Seedling Culture Without Fumigation: Experience at Armintrout
David Armintrout
1994: Williamsburg, VA
At Armintrout's Nursery, we had a long history of using methyl bromide for soil fumigation. In the 1950's we fumigated by hand, using large 4 mil sheets of plastic and 100 pound cylinders of methyl bromide which were placed on scales and the desired weight was released. Later, these plastic tarps were "flipped", and the process was repeated on the adjacent ground. By the time I became involved, the only difference was that we used individual small cans of gas. In the 1970's, commercial applicators using the continuous tarp method, did our fumigation. Then in the 1980's, we bought the equipment, were trained and certified, and again, did our own fumigation.
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