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Styroblock Sanitization: Results of Laboratory Assays from Trials at Several Columbia Forest Nurseries
Sturrock, Rona N.; Dennis, John J.
1988: Vernon, CAN
Moss and algae build-up on used styroblocks and an increase in root diseases of container-grown forest nursery seedlings in British Columbia prompted investigation of improved methods for sanitizing used styroblocks. Current block washing methods, pasteurization treatments, and several biocides were tested for their efficacy against algae and pathogenic fungi. Assays of treated styroblock pieces cultured on media in the laboratory indicate that pasteurization treatments reduced algae and virtually eliminated pathogenic fungi. Three biocides, i.e., captan, sodium metabisulfite, and methyl bromide were equally effective against pathogenic fungi. Additional testing of these and other sanitizing methods is needed to provide growers with a choice of block washing methods.
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