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Root Growth Potential: Facts, Myths, Value?
Binder, W.D.; Scagel, R.K.; Krumlik, G.J.
1988: Vernon, CAN
Currently the Root Growth Potential (RGP)test enjoys a reputation as a general predictor of outplanting survival and growth. This study examines the accuracy, precision and repeatability of RGP. We conclude that the present use of RGP is neither highly accurate, precise, or repeatable: within test variation is highly variable; different test environments and durations give different results; mean batch RGP values from operational RGP tests do not display strong relations to outplanting mortality or growth. We conclude that RGP has value as part of a stock evaluation program but it must not be the sole arbiter. Any interpretation of RGP test results for predicting outplanting performance must consider other information on stock condition, history, and site conditions.
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