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Effect of Controlled-Release Fertilizers on Formation of Mycorrhizae and Growth of Container-Grown Engelmann Spruce
Hunt, Gary A.
1988: Vernon, CAN
Two controlled release NPK formulations (Osmocote and Nutricote) and one micronutrient formulation (Micromax) were added as supplements to a soluble fertilizer regime and evaluated for their effects on seedling growth and development of naturally occurring mycorrhizae in 1 0 container grown seedlings of Picea engelmannii Parry. Treatments were (all received identical amounts of soluble fertilizer): 1) Osmocote, 2) Nutricote, 3) Osmocote + Micromax, 4) Nutricote + Micromax, S) Micromax, 6) soluble only. Seedlings supplemented with Osmocote or Nutricote had lower root weight, but greater shoot length, stem caliper and total weight compared to controls receiving only soluble fertilizer. Addition of Micromax did not alter growth compared to controls, but Micromax plus Osmocote decreased shoot length aril shoot:root ratio compared to Osmocote alone; Micromax plus Nutricote increased shoot length compared to Nutricote alone. Seedlings receiving a supplement of Micromax alone or given only soluble fertilizer did not meet minimum standards for caliper or shoot length set by the B. C. Forest Service.
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