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Progress Report on Propagation of Juniperus for Conservation Planting
Wagner, A. M.; Mexal, J. G.; Harrington, J. T.; Fisher, J. T.
1993: St. Louis, MO
Rocky mountain juniper and eastern red cedar are important species for conservation plantings in the Intermountain region. Nurseries often have difficulty in meeting the demand for junipers because of slow and variable seed germination and a long production cycle. This project was initiated in part to examine an alternative production method using vegetative propagation. The project has two goals, to improve the planting stock available and to shorten the production cycle by vegetative propagation. For improving planting stock, 12 year old select plants from a egionwide planting. Studies examining season of collection and root-promoting growth regulator effects on rooting are in progress. The study for the second phase of the project involves looking at rooting of cuttings from young stock plants (less than three years) for transplanting into bareroot nurseries and is still in progress.
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