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Soil Moisture and Fusarium Root Rot of White Pine Seedlings
Juzwik, Jennifer; Menes, Peter J.; Rugg, David J.
1993: St. Louis, MO
Field and controlled environment studies were conducted to determine the influence of soil moisture on the development and severity of Fusarium root rot of white pine seedlings grown in sandy loam soil. During the 2+0 year in a Wisconsin nursery field, disease levels were significantly higher in two outer bed-rows closest to the irrigation line than beds closer to the center of the field. Soil moisture levels were also significantly higher in the outer bed-rows. Higher disease levels were positively correlated with wetter soils, and were observed in saturated and dry soil treatments compared to field capacity treatments in white pine seedlings grown in soil artificially infested with Fusarium oxysporum, untreated field soil, and pasteurized soil in leach tubes in a growth room study. Results suggest that prolonged exposure of white pine to saturated or dry soil conditions promotes Fusarium root rot. Options for managing soil moisture in forest nurseries are discussed.
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