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Mycorrhizae Nursery Management for Improved Seedling Quality and Field Performance
Cordell, Charles E.; Owen, Jeffrey H.; Marx, Donald H.
1987: Oklahoma City, OK
Nursery and field outplanting studies have repeatedly demonstrated that selected ecto- and endomycorrhizae on nursery seedlings reduce culls and improve field survival and growth. Mycorrhizae are significantly affected by nursery soil factors such as pH, drainage and moisture, fertility, and organic matter, and by cultural practices such as soil fumigation, cover crops, and pesticide applications. Seedling lifting, storage, and planting practices should be designed to retain the maximum number of feeder roots and associated mycorrhizae as possible. Inoculum of several species of ectomycorrhizae is commercially available, along with the necessary technology and machinery to be incorporated into standard bare-root and container nursery operations. Nurserymen and foresters are challenged to utilize mycorrhizae technology as an integral component of seedling production and forest regeneration.
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