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Comparison of Time and Method of Mist Chamber Measurement of Root Growth Potential
Burr, Karen E.; Tinus, Richard W.; Wallner, Stephen J.; King, Rudy M.
1987: Oklahoma City, OK
Container-grown ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and Engelmann spruce seedlings were cold acclimated and deacclimated in growth chambers over 19 weeks. Weekly whole-plant freeze tests and 7- and 14-day root growth potential (RGP) tests indicated 7-day RGP results were misleading during cold acclimation and that the 14-day test period was preferable. During cold deacclimation, both RGP test periods were suitable. Quantification of RGP as total length and total number of new roots per seedling were nearly equally informative from budset to bud break, independent of the length of the RGP test.
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