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Evaluation of Lonicera Taxa for Honeysuckle Aphid Susceptibility, Winter Hardiness, and Plant Use
Herman, Dale E.; Chaput, Lawrence J.
1989: Bismark, ND
One-hundred honeysuckle taxa were evaluated in North Dakota and/or
reviewed in the literature for relative honeysuckle aphid [ Hyadaphis tataricae
(Aizenberg)] susceptibility, winterhardiness and landscape characteristics. Thirty-nine
taxa were rated susceptible or highly susceptible, nine lightly susceptible and 45 with
apparent resistance to aphid disfiguration. Only 12 taxa were selected in the very
acceptable to highly recommended categories for landscape planting in USDA
hardiness zones 2 through 5. Eight taxa were recommended for potential use in
shelterbelt or conservation plantings.
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