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Bacterial Inoculation of Lodgepole Pine, White Spruce, and Douglas-fir Grown in Containers
Chanway, C.P.; Radley, R.A.; Holl, F.B.
1989: Bismark, ND
Inoculation of lodgepole pine and Douglas -fir with two Bacillus strains
was shown to promote seedling growth. Strain L6 caused significant increases in
lodgepole pine shoot and root dry weight, root surface area, and root collar diameter
after eight weeks growth from seed. When 1-0 containerized stock was inoculated,
shoot growth was increased, but root weight increases were not significant. Strain L6
also increased the root surface area of Douglas -fir 12 weeks after inoculation. Strain L5
significantly increased the rate of spruce seedling emergence and root surface area of
lodgepole pine after 12 weeks growth but dry weight gains were not significant.
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