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Vegetative Propagation of 10-Year-Old Blue Spruce by Stem Cuttings
Wagner, Anne M.; Fisher, James T.; Fancher, Greg A.
1989: Bismark, ND
Techniques for vegetative propagation of 10-year-old blue spruce (Picea
pungens Engelm.) by stem cuttings were investigated. Month of collection of the
cuttings and application of rooting hormones were examined. In addition, cutting
position, cutting length and caliper were examined in relation to rooting response.
December was the best collection date for rooting and root production. No hormone
and 2500 ppm indole-butyric acid resulted in the highest rooting response. Hormone
level and collection date interacted on root fresh weight. Shorter cuttings and cuttings
from the lower two-thirds of the tree were more likely to root.
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