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Seed Set and Germination of Eldarica Pine Influenced by Cone Hierarchy
Harrington, John T.; Mexal, John G.; Fisher, James T.
1989: Bismark, ND
Tree and cone hierarchy effects on eldarica pine seed quantity
and quality are examined. Hierarchy, or location of cone whorl on a branch, and
tree significantly influenced total number of seed/cone, number of viable
seed/cone and percent viable seed. Whorl 2 cones, the distal whorl, had 54%
more seed/cone and a 65% greater percent viable seed. Percent germination,
total germination, G50 and number of cones/whorl were not effected by either tree
or hierarchy. Relationships between total number of seed/cone and number of
seed germinating/cone and percent germination are provided. Potential causes
for hierarchal effects are discussed.
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