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Use of Container Stock in Mine Revegetation
Jane Rodgers
1994: Moscow, ID
Mining reclamation in the desert southwest has been hampered by the difficulties encountered with the climate and soils of the region. Natural recovery is slow, and direct seeding of mined areas has resulted in minimal success. The Silver Bell Mine at Joshua Tree National Monument offers an opportunity to explore the possibilities of revegetating a strip mine and its tailings using potted native plant material. Plants, rebar, wire fencing, and tools were flown into this roadless area by helicopter in February of 1994. A total of 383 plants of 24 species were outplanted using 3 types of containers which varied in depth and volume. Monitoring thus far reveals high survival of the large (97%) and mid-size (82%) pots, and fair survival of the smaller pots (69%). Continued monitoring over the coming years will examine the success of these various species and pot sizes in desert mine reclamation.
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