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NAA Effects on Conifer Seedlings in British Columbia
Simpson, David G.
1990: Roseburg, OR
NAA (l-napthaleneacetic acid) soil drenches applied 20-40 days after sowing to container-grown Douglas-fir (20 mgl-1), Ponderosa pine (10 mgl-1), western larch (10 mgl-1) or lodgepole pine (2 mgl-1) increased lateral root formation and only slightly diminished seedling growth. After 2 field seasons, NAA treated container-grown Douglas-fir and western larch seedlings grew as well as un-treated seedlings. NAA treated (20 mgl-1) bareroot-grown Douglas-fir and Ponderosa pine seedlings had greater numbers of lateral roots than untreated seedlings. Further study of application rates for bareroot nurseries is required.
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