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Effect of Styroblock Design and Copper Treatment on Morphology of Conifer Seedlings
Hunt, Gary A.
1990: Roseburg, OR
Abstract.--Interior Douglas-fir, lodgepole pine, and white spruce were
used to determine the effects of cavity volume, styroblocks modified with
vertical ventilation holes, and copper coating on seedling morphology.
Decreasing cavity volume from 60 to 50 ml resulted in smaller shoots
and heavier roots in Douglas-fir and spruce and could be an aid to limiting
height growth.
Venting did not affect morphology greatly, but modestly increased
height, diameter, and total seedling weight in Douglas-fir. In pine grown in
39 ml cavities, venting was detrimental to overall balance.
Copper treatment stimulated shoot growth in Douglas-fir, but had little
effect on growth of pine shoots. Copper increased root fibrosity and stim-
ulated growth of the mycorrhizal fungus Thelephora terrestris in pine.
Judicious selection of container type can help nursery managers obtain
desired morphology, minimize cull, and improve the potential for good field
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