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The Target Seedling Concepts: Bud Dormancy and Cold-Hardiness.
Burr, Karen E.
1990: Roseburg, OR
Bud dormancy and cold-hardiness vary markedly
throughout the annual growth cycle of trees in the tem -
perate zone and have a profound impact on the ability of
tree seedlings to withstand lifting, storage, and outplanting
stresses. The Degree Growth Stage model is a useful tool
for visualizing the changes in bud dormancy and cold-
hardiness and their relationship to changes in other physi-
ological attributes, such as root growth potential and
stress resistance. Relationships among these attributes pro-
vide an opportunity to infer the status of one from another.
The level of cold-hardiness can be used to infer bud
dormancy status, as well as general stress resistance, at
the time of lifting because all are correlated with perfor-
mance, and cold-hardiness is easiest to measure. Practical
approaches for measuring bud dormancy and cold-hardi-
ness, and for routine monitoring for associated physiologi-cal
targets, are discussed.
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