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Root Growth Potential and the Target Seedling
Ritchie, Gary A.; Tanaka, Yasuomi.
1990: Roseburg, OR
The review focuses on several key points regarding the
conduct and interpretation of Root Growth Potential tests I
n forest regeneration. Key points are 1) RGP is developed
in the nursery and is expressed after planting; 2) RGP can
be accurately assessed in as little as seven days in several
species; 3) RGP is a very good indicator of seedling quail-
ty but only a fair predictor of survival; 4) survival predic-
tion is only fair because RGP indicates plant quality, not
site quality or planting quality; 5) RGP can indicate when
seedlings possess high stress resistance or when seedlings
are damaged; 6) RGP seasonal periodicity seems to be
modulated internally by (a) the intensity of shoot dorman-
cy and (b) the strength of the carbon sink in the growing
shoot; and 7) despite problems associated with lack of
accuracy and precision and often unrealistic expectations,
RGP testing remains a valuable tool for assessing quality
of planting stock.
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