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Integration of Somatic Embryogenesis into Operational Forestry: Comparison of Interior Spruce Emblings and Seedlings during Production of 1+0 Stock
S. C. Grossnickle, D. R. Roberts, J. E. Major, R. S. Folk, F. B. Webster, and B. C. S. Sutton
1991: Park City, UT
Somatic embryos from 15 different clones representing 4 open-pollinated
families were germinated in vitro concomitantly with the
germination of genetically related seed in the nursery. Emblings (plants
produced via somatic embryogenesis) were transferred to styroblocks five
weeks following germination, acclimatized to ex vitro conditions under
high humidity and low light and then transferred to the nursery where they
were grown alongside control seedlings. Seedlings and emblings were
tested under the British Columbia Ministry of Forests operational stock
quality testing standards. Both seedlings and emblings reached the desired
level of frost hardiness before lifting for frozen storage. Post-storage
testing showed seedlings and emblings met or exceeded all morphological
stock specifications and had high root growth capacity values.
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