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Machine Vision Inspection System for Packing House Quality Control
Michael P. Rigney and Glenn A. Kranzler
1994: Moscow, ID
A PC-based machine vision system providing high-speed (4/sec) measurement of bareroot seedling morphological features has been developed. Designed for quality control and morphological data acquisition by nursery personnel, the system provides a user-friendly, menu-driven graphical interface. The system automatically locates the root collar, measures root collar diameter, shoot height, sturdiness ratio, root mass length, projected shoot and root area, shoot-root area ratio, and percent fine roots. Sample statistics are computed for each measured feature. Measurements for each seedling may be stored for later analysis. Feature measurements may be compared to multi-class quality criteria to easily determine sample quality. Statistical summary and classification reports may be printed to facilitate the communication of quality concerns with grading personnel. System architecture is described, followed by a discussion of software and morphological measurement capabilities. Results from tests comparing measurement differences and variation among repeated manual and machine vision measurements are summarized.
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