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The Roles of Soil Conservation Service Plant Materials Centers in Promoting Biodiversity
Wendell G. Hassell
1992: Fallen Leaf Lake, CA
The Soil Conservation Service (SCS) Plant
Materials Centers (PMC) are expanding the plant development
concept to include wider user groups. Through the PMC
program, over 220 native species have been developed and are
now being produced by the commercial trade. However, there
is a shifting emphasis on the use of native species. As a
result of increased interest in local native ecotypes, SCS
PMC’s are developing procedures for ecotype (ecovar)
releases. SCS and the National Park Service (NPS) are
cooperating in a plant materials program in the development.
testing, and establishment of native species for disturbed
sites within NPS units. Some of the materials being tested
and technology developed will have application to areas
outside of park lands. An estimated 330-350 new park
indigenous ecotypes have been collected. These native
species are now in the testing process or reproduction phase
for use by parks and on other disturbed sites.
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