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Oak Regeneration -Why Big Is Better
Paul P. Kormanik, Shi-Jean S. Sung , Taryn L. Kormanik and Stanley J. Zarnock
1995: Mitchell, IN
It is generally accepted that large preharvest advanced oak regeneration is required
for maintaining a significant oak component in future stands. However, developing advanced
oak regeneration on productive sites has been difficult because stand prescriptions
encouraging oak regeneration are the same conditions that favor development of potentially
faster growing competitor species. It is now practical to produce in the nursery oak seedlings
that duplicate the sizes suggested for natural advanced oak regeneration. These large
Northern red oak seedlings have been successfully established in small research plantations
and in harvested stands where they have shown good to outstanding growth. However, they
have preformed poorly when used as underplanting stock, where the understory has
insufficient overhead sun to maintain stem elongation or root growth.
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