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Quality or Quantity: Stock Choices for Establishing Planted Northern Red Oak
James J. Zaczek, Kim C. Steiner, and Todd W. Bowersox
1995: Mitchell, IN
A northern red oak plantation was established in 1988 in a recently clearcut mixed oak stand
to evaluate outplanting performance relative to the type of planting stock (1 -0, 2-0, 1 -1, 2-1, 2-year-old
containerized, and direct-seeded) and impositions of other cultural factors (undercutting in the
nursery, raising stock in an extended growing season in Alabama vs a local Pennsylvania nursery,
top-clipping at planting time, and tree shelters). Twenty different treatments were compared, each with
at least 33 replications. To minimize potential genetic bias among treatments, the same seed source
was used to produce all but four of the treatments. For the first 3 years after outplanting, the plantation
was enclosed by an electric fence to minimize deer damage and competing vegetation was controlled.
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