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An Overview of Forest Diversity in the Interior Low Plateaus Physiographic Province
Edward W. Chester
1995: Mitchell, IN
The Interior Low Plateaus Physiographic Province includes parts of six states and is centered in the Ohio, Cumberland, and lower Tennessee River drainage systems. Four sections and numerous subsections are included. The diversity of topographic, geological, climatic, and drainage patterns results in innumerable microenvironments and consequently, the botanical diversity also is great. Floristic diversity includes elements of great geological age, disjuncts, endemics, and many groups with great genetic complexity. Also, the province is at a botanical crossroads and receives elements from many migratory pathways and from adjacent provinces, resulting in numerous floristic-vegetation themes. The results of anthropogenic influences, mostly over the past 200 years, also are great. In addition, evidence indicates a flora of diverse origins and interesting relationships.

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