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Herbicide Program at the PFRA Shelterbelt Centre
W.R. Schroeder and L.K. Alspach
1995: Kearney, NE
The PFRA Shelterbelt Centre is a major supplier of conservation tree and shrub
planting stock in Canada. Testing of herbicides for nursery weed control has been under way
for over thirty years. The result of this research has been the development of a comprehensive
herbicide program that has supplemented conventional weed control methods that has
significantly reduced nursery labour requirements. Herbicides currently used operationally
are linuron for poplar and willow cuttings, choke cherry and green ash sowings, conifer
transplants, all 1 -0 deciduous crops and nursery shelterbelts; sethoxyd im for barnyard grass
control in conifer transplants; and trifluralin for caragana and Siberian elm sowings.
Herbicide treatments being tested for operational use include: oxyfluorfen for conifer
sowings; napropamide for villosa lilac sowings; trifluralin for buffaloberry and sea-buckthorn
sowings; trifluralin/metribuzin tank mix for pre-emergent weed control in shelterbelts; and
clopyralid for control of Canada thistle in shelterbelts.
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