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Machine Vision Development and Use in Seedling Quality Monitoring Inspection
David B. Davis and John R. Scholtes
1995: Kearney, NE
Seedling processing costs ha ve increased in proportion to overall seedling costs in
part because of lack of automation. A PC-based machine vision seedling inspection station has
been developed for packinghouse quality monitoring as part of a program to develop an
automated seedling grading and packing system. This inspection station is being evaluated for
incorporation into the quality monitoring inspection program at J. Herbert Stone Nursery. The
station has been evaluated for accuracy of measurements of seedling morphological features
with favorable results. Machine vision grading criteria are being developed from comparisons
of machine vision with current manual methods of measurement. Further studies will be made
into developing grading criteria using features measured by machine vision which were not
obtainable with manual methods. A fully functional machine vision based seedling grading
and packing system remains the goal of the program.
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