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Proceedings of Past Forest Nursery Association Meetings:

Microcomputer Order Processing and Inventory Control
David L. Wenny and Linda Geer
1994: Moscow, ID
The University of Idaho Forest Research Nursery uses an off-the-shelf database package (REFLEX, Borland Inc.) for processing seedling orders. The Research Nursery grows about 650,000 seedlings annually, comprised of about 48 species or stock types, with 15 shipping dates. Our program has been customized for use by several nurseries faced with similar order processing concerns. We accept orders from landowners for reforestation and/or conservation seedlings on a firstordered-with-payment first-filled basis. Seedlings are held in cold storage until appropriate planting windows are opened across the state. It is imperative to have a flexible, but accurate, system to track the numbers of seedlings available for sale as orders are processed. Quick access to customer records is also important as customers frequently call to make changes to, or inquire about, order status.
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