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BuRIZE™ NTC - Nursery and Turf VA Mycorrhizal Soil and Root Inoculant
John Olivas
1996: New England, CT
BuRIZE™ NTC contains the Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi found naturally in healthy soils. VAM colonization of plant roots are key contributors to the growth of many varieties of woody shrubs, nonconiferous trees, ornamental plants, and turf. The VAM found in BuRIZE™ NTC are from Endomycorrhizae, which are able to colonize 90% of all plants. VAM fungi form a beneficial symbiotic relationship with plants, bringing in additional water and nutrient for plant growth. The plant in turn "shares" the additional photosynthate (carbohydrates and vitamins) production with the VAM fungi. Through colonization of plant root cortical cells and growth of hyphae through the roots into the surrounding soil, VAM fungi increase the surface area of the root. This expanded root surface area increases the nutrient and water uptake potential of the plant.
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